10.1 October 2017 Newsletter

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10.1 October 2017 Newsletter

Postby Sirius » Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:35 pm

10.1 October 2017 Newsletter 3D BBC CiNA

1. August Extra Competition 2. Clues & Explanations
3. September Competition 4. Clues & Explanations
5. September Extra 6. Clues & Explanation
7. Sign up for Hints & Tips
8. Tie-break 2017 9. Bulletin Board 10. 2018 Calendar

1. August Extra Competition

The August Extra Competition featured a brilliant 2D grid and set of clues by Enigmatist, celebrating the wonderful 3D grids designed by sadly missed Ray Parry Morris, pseudonym, ‘45'. The competition was won by Jos Tait of Preston, Victoria, Australia. Excellent solving!

3. September Competition
The September puzzle with an innovative star studded grid
with a zodiac theme, clued and structured by Puck, was won
by Suzanne Farquhar of Reading. Excellent solving!
This Puckish puzzle had a tricky jigsaw element as some
circular solutions appeared to have alternative paths, the
true one only being decided by fitting in with other solutions
as the solve progressed.
The full newsletter with photos, graphics, clue explanations, solver feedback and more can be downloaded from the NEWS section of the month concerned on the Download Page.

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