September 2011 Newsletter

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September 2011 Newsletter

Postby Sirius » Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:34 am

BBC CiNA 3D Crosswords Calendar Puzzle
Hello Everyone.
1. The September competition with clues set by Anax to a Buddy Holly themed grid was won by Ruth Turner with her ninth successively correct entry this year. Excellent solving!
A raging controversy has bubbled up and broken out over the graphic clues in the title page. It was intended as a kindness to have the (Jiminy) Crickets introducing the theme of Buddy Holly. I deliberated for some while about how many to employ. Were there four Crickets or three? In Buddy Holly and the Crickets, there are four members. But is/was Buddy Holly a Cricket??
Using three Crickets to introduce something suggests that the object of their directed attention might be a fourth member. Or it could suggest that one is missing.
This will not settle the matter I know but will only pour petrol on the flames.
Other graphics referred to song titles. The 'Heartbeat' trace is now evident. The poor furry animal pegged to the heartbeat line is not Sooty but Sue. Sue is described as a 'female friend' of Sooty and is a black and white Panda. And not just another 'piece of fluff' as one solver rather hurtfully described the graphic. So Sue pegged to the line becomes 'Peggy Sue'.
Finally 'That'll be the Day When I Die' might have been suggested by the date in the corner of 02-02-1959, which would also be useful in a 'Day the Music Died' Don McClean puzzle.
The visual clues are just for fun and are not a required element in the solutions. I am always most impressed if not amazed at several people's tenacity and superb problem solving from such scant evidence.
2. Roger at our webhosts has been extremely busy and delegated our postings on the site. Apologies for oddities with recent files. The October Answer Grid has suffered the most, masquerading as September, despite urgings to 'let it go' and become October. It then went into a sulk and refused to be called up offering a 'This Page cannot be displayed'. I have tried using that one at home but have been made to feel very silly.
I have attached the October Answer Grid to this circular.Thank you to many solvers who spotted it early and alerted me.
3. I also attach the September solution which corrects my error. One of the solutions is BIG BOPPER of course and not BIG POPPER which has Midnight Cowboy connotations.
A cryptic clue for 'Big Popper' might be 'One helluva stud'
4. The tie-break task will be to design a 3D grid for a 2013 anniversary and to write a clue for one of the solutions. A selection of these grids will be used in the 2013 series of puzzles. I will circulate the criteia by which tie-break entries will be judged in the next two weeks. These will be very much the same as last year.
5. My huge thanks go to Nora, Roger, Andy and Ray for picking up the request for immediate 2012 grids. These have been gratefully received. We are nearly there with a full range and are currently sending word lists off to the setters for their clues.More news of the 2012 competition in the next few weeks.
Most of all, thank you for supporting our project to help BBC CiNA and have some fun in the process.
Best wishes,
Eric Westbrook

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