July 2011 Competition

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July 2011 Competition

Postby Sirius » Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:10 pm

BBC CiNA 3D Crosswords World Championship

1. The June World Championship 3D crossword competition with clues set by Rufus to the grid designed by Nora Boswell, was won by Stephen Hother-Lushington. Stephen has been persuaded to accept The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations for his prize.
The grid was judged the best according to the criteria set, in the tie-break competition before Christmas and it won Ms Boswell the title of BBC CiNA 3D Crosswords World Champion.
The title graphic with the psychedelic toilet, (approved by Rufus in the bar of The Old Contemptibles, Brum), clued the famous Beatles Sergeant Pepper classic “Loo-Seat in the Sky with Diamonds”. Enigmatist’s comment was “appalling” which gave me the confidence to proceed. Diamond geezer.
The colour-coded diamonds in the grid, and repeated in the sky of the graphic, contain the letters E L L N O Y, This is not too tricky an anagram but when the letters and the colour of their diamond are put in the same sequence as the colours of the pseudo-military jackets of the four Beatles on the album cover .... then of course you get “LONELY”.

2. The June ‘Extra’ competition set by Ogre was won by Tony Roberts whose emails near the end of the competition bear witness to his tremendous efforts to completely crack this Ogre of a puzzle. Tony will receive a rather beautiful embroidered book mark by Cash’s of Coventry as a momento.

This puzzle was a tribute to the legendary crossword setter, Ximenes, whose DLM clues (definition letter mixture) amongst many others have tortured and bewitched generations of solvers. Often signing with just the letter ‘X’, Derrick Somerset MacNutt who died in 1971, is honoured with the extra letter in the 3D grid. St Patrick is honoured appropriately in the manner of 13, the letters of the solution being entered going up rather than down. HSIRI defeated several searches of Chambers.
The original Ximenes, born Gonzalo Jiménez de Cisneros, became Grand Inquisator for Castille and Leon and a Cardinal. The graphic shows:
Cisneros (sitting) visits the construction of the Hospital of the Charity. Sanctuary of the Charity of Illescas (Toledo) by Alejandro Ferrant (1844–1917)
3. 2011 Tie-Break
We have made our way to the half-way point in the year with six puzzles cracked and six to go. The marathon continues with a super puzzle with clues devised by Tyrus to another excellent tie-break grid. I am very interested to set a similar task as last year ie to design a 3D grid with an anniversary theme. In order to get a little more ahead of ourselves, the target year for the next tie-break grids will be 2013. Currently there are about thirty brilliant solvers with 100% records this year.
4. World Championship next year, 2012
We are starting to assemble 3D grids for next year. Given the excellence of the tie-break grids last Christmas, I wondered if there are any masochists who would like to have a go at producing a 3D grid for our setters to clue? This can be exasperating. It can be great fun. You can spend a lot of time tidying sock drawers whilst waiting for inspiration! It is also a great contribution to the project.
5. “The All-England RNIB 3D Crosswords Cup!”
As you know, the BBC CiNA World Championship, is something of a marathon where time is not the issue but sustained excellence of solving and stamina is required. All proceeds for this and last year have gone to BBC CiNA. We have decided to run a competition where the fastest solver or solvers win. ‘It’s all on the day!’ And the day is Saturday August 6th in Cheltenham. It would be marvellous to see you there if you can make it. I append details below which will be appearing on the crossword blogs again soon. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to RNIB to support the new school and home (The Pears Centre for Specialist Learning).

Thank you so very much for supporting our project.
Happy solving in July with Tyrus,
Best wishes,
Eric Westbrook

A 3D Bloggers and Setters in Cheltenham - August 6th
The next Bloggers and Setters get-together will be held in the function room of The Midland Hotel, Cheltenham, on Saturday August 6th starting at 1.00 pm. The bar opens at 11.00 am and the room is booked from 12.00 noon till 7.00 pm.
A buffet lunch and a glass of wine is included in the ticket price of £10.00. All monies above costs (approx £3 excess) will go to the new RNIB home and school on the outskirts of Coventry – The Pears Centre for Specialist Learning:
http://www.rnib.org.uk/livingwithsightl ... _home.aspx
Cheques for £10 plus any further donation should be made payable to
‘3D Crosswords Ltd’ and sent to:
Calendar Puzzles
PO Box 4823
Coventry North Delivery Office
1 The Stampings
Blue Ribbon Park
The Cheltenham event will offer a range of prize puzzles in both 2D and 3D to fill in the gaps between refreshment and conversation, but the Premier Event will be
“The All-England RNIB 3D Crosswords Cup”
This will include a very brief introduction and a warm-up round to get into 3D gear.
Those wishing to gain some practice in these 3D puzzles can do on the Download Page at:
There are three categories of entry – individual, pairs and teams. If you enjoy solving in good company and are slightly worried about the 3D aspect, why not consider being in a pair or a team? This will be great fun. The Cup will be presented for the fastest (correct!) solution of the main puzzle. Winners of the two slower categories will receive an appropriate momento of the occasion.
The competition will be run in such a way as to guarantee a fair result within two hours of serious fun. This will be the first time for such a competition and your participation and feedback will be greatly valued.
It would be of great assistance to the organisers if you could indicate your interest to attend in an email to Eric Westbrook.
It would be brilliant to see you in Cheltenham.
In fact it would be brilliant to see anything!
Best wishes,
Eric Westbrook ericwestbrook@btinternet.com
Dave Morton
John Henderson

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