May 2011 Competition

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May 2011 Competition

Postby Sirius » Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:19 pm

BBC CiNA 3D Crosswords 2011

Hello Everyone.

The May competition with clues set by Pasquale to a Sirius grid was won by Simon Long. The puzzle celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Johnson and a little mischievously, a Royal Navy Marine career - Royal, Navy, and Marine all being ‘blues’. The photograph on the May title page is evocative of the Mississippi Delta. RJ was an extraordinary Blues musician whose influence persists today. There isn’t a very large body of recordings but there is a wealth of ideas and a world of spirit.
George Heard posted at the following link on winning the April competition ... -april-is/

A date for diaries. Saturday August 5th. Venue to be decided.
The 3D Crosswords World Championship Is something of a marathon requiring stamina, enduring determination as well as brilliance, cracking a series of slightly whacky puzzles in an excellent cause. It is rather like winning the League after a long season. Then there is the romance, the glitter and the glamour, the mystique and magic, the heartache and hysteria of .....

the Cup! [/b]

So we are going to have a one-off event that combines all of those marvellous things with an opportunity to meet other solvers and setters and have a very nice time. The puzzle will be the August 3D crossword which will then appear on the website after the event.
The atmosphere will not be that of the examination hall with the creaking invigilator’s squeaking step disturbing the scribbling silence and exasperated exhalations of clueless breath. We will have an individual section for those who prefer to grapple with grids in solitary satisfaction. But there will also be a section where people can pair up as well as having a team section.
Could a team of village footballers beat Manchester United? Could Sarah Montague beat Venus Williams? Of course they and she could. This is the Cup. I also reckon that five thousand pub footballers could crowd the pitch at Wembley and restrict Barcelona’s intricate passing game and with thirty goalkeepers probably outwit even the most creative free-kicks. Personally I think Goalies are too skinny these days.

The serious point is that the occasion can accommodate the complete range of solvers, from the 2 min 53 sec solver of The Times to people like me still splashing around in the shallow end trying to finish off the Andy Pandy word-search 1953. Rules have yet to be finalised but will be formulated to ensure puzzles are solved and enjoyed by all. At different times.
A collection will be taken at the event in support of RNIB’s new home and school on the edge of Coventry – The Pears Centre for Specialist Learning.

The trophy will be The RNIB All-England 3D Crosswords Cup. This leaves the way open for other competitions in other countries where a 3D crossword competition could raise useful money for a ‘local’ good cause. Do contact me if this particular possibility interests you.

Best wishes,


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