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Apreil Newsletter

Postby Sirius » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:57 pm

April Newsletter

1 March Competition
2 Word files for clues 2012
3.April Extra Puzzle
4.Message in a bottle
5.RNIB Thank you
6.Olympic Flame

1. The March Competition
The March competition with a superbly themed grid and clues by Curmudgeon was won by Simon Long. Excellent solving! Simon has asked for the latest Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.
2.2012 calendar Clues in Word files
We have finished posting all the clues to all the puzzles in the calendar, in Word files. The idea of this is to allow solvers with visual impairment but some useful sight left, to change fonts and font sizes to be able to read the clues. Come on Olive!
3 Extra April puzzle
The original intention of our occasional extra puzzles was to provide some serious challenges to solvers who relish tough puzzles. ‘3D Crosswords’ sounds scary but once you get past the first barrier of unfamiliarity and an extra dimension, it’s a bit like The Wizard of Oz. There’s just some crank with a warped sense of humour behind a curtain making scary noises who is every bit as terrified as everyone else.
But there are also solvers who much prefer a romp.
I have often wondered if it would be possible to cater for both parts of the solving spectrum. So I am posting an extra puzzle this month by Sirius. With full directions this 3D crossword is a bit of a romp but might entertain for a short while. Without indicators, it is quite challenging. I think Vinnie Jones would struggle with it. The puzzle starts out as a 3D jigsaw containing 3 snakes which make the ‘jigsawing’ more interesting!
Then half-way through the month we will put the directions in and everyone including me can join in if they would like to. The prize is a beautiful silk embroidered bookmark from Cash’s of Coventry which you can hang on your Kindle. A solver who cracks the undirected puzzle in the first two weeks of the month, will win an additional special prize.
4. Message in a Bottle
The unsurpassed ability of Newcastle Brown to promote a certain buoyancy through life’s storms and swirling currents is surely confirmed, if it was ever questioned, by the arrival somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, of Marianne Cantley’s prize for coming second in the world in the 2011 world championship. Ms Cantley scooped her autographed copy of the February 16th 2011 Guardian, from her oceanic PO Box after a trans-global journey in record time that has made fully grown postmen and women faint.
Hi Eric
Parcel made very good time from Uk and i collected it this morning from the PO box – a very splendid prize indeed – thanks again. Haven’t yet decided how best to frame/display it but will have fun doing so over the next week or so.
Hope all well with you – all fine here in paradise though very warm and muggy so hoping for a thunderstorm to clear the air.
Kind regards
Thank you Hugh Stephenson (Guardian Crossword Editor), John Graham (Araucaria), John Henderson (Enigmatist), John Halpern (Paul) and John Young (Shed), for signing the Guardian crossword February 16th 2011 thus making such a very special prize.
5. Olympic Flame
I write to quash rumours of my selection to carry the Olympic flame in part of its journey around the country. I am not available due to still carrying a torch for Mrs Sirius.

Most of all thank you for continuing to support our project to raise funds for RNIB Pears centre and BBC CiNA. We hope you will enjoy the April puzzle with grid designed by Bozzy and clued wonderfully by Arachne.

Best wishes,

Eric Westbrook
Registered Blind RNIB Member & Volunteer

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